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SuperGIS Globe enhances the spatial accuracy of point click on 3D buildings to display attributes (2008-07-14)
SuperGIS and SuperPad point layers now supports font symbols (2008-07-07)
SuperObjects 2 Geometry Components Hierarchy (2008-06-30)
SuperGIS 2.2 new function coming in July – Spatial Join (2008-06-23)
SuperGIS Globe 3D Model Building Technologies – COLLADA 3D Models (2008-06-16)
Introduction of SuperGIS Globe 3D illustration technology -Shading (2008-06-02)
SuperGIS 2.2 enhances the interaction between customized toolbar buttons and function lists (2008-05-26)
SuperGIS Data Conversion Tool enforces the function of converting CAD data (2008-04-07)


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