SuperGIS Server API for JavaScript
SuperGIS Server provides abundant API samples to demonstrate how to customize SuperGIS Server websites. Each sample offers the live sample site and codes for you to download and apply to your own website.

Here are essential principles for developers to know before starting customizing the website.
Principles for SuperGIS Server JavaScript Developers
Before taking the references of this SuperGIS Server JavaScript Samples, you need to know the principles to make your customization more smoothly and efficiently.
1. Change Password and Map Service Name
In the sample web site, you have to change the encoded password string in "Config.xml".

When you download the sample, Open "Config.xml". Change the encoded line in:

To find out the correct password string, the only way is to create a Ultra web site
and go to the web site folder, find "Config.xml", and copy the same content in
"<UserPassString>..</UserPassString>" to your project web site.


It must be published in your SuperGIS Server Manager and do not forget to add ".cfg" in your map
service name.

Once you change the "Config.xml", you need to restart the services: "SuperGIS Server Container" and
"World Wide Web Publishing Service" to take it effective.
2. Query Settings
You have to activate the "Feature Services"  for the "Map Service" if you want to implement the query
function. In "SuperGIS Server Manager" > "Publish my map or other GIS Services" >  Select one map service in
"Published Services" > "config.." > Click "Editing" > check on "Use Feature Service"  > check on the
layer you want to query in "Editable Layers".
3. Code Area
In this sample web site, you can copy the sample code in "Code" section. But remember , some of
the samples are required to modify both in "Client Side"(JavaScript or HTML") and "Server Side"(ex:
SGSAgent.cs in ".\App_Code\"). Some "Code" When you copy the "Code" content, do not forget to put
the code in the correct files.

Click a map to find out the deClick a map to find out the details of the methods to customize the website.
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