Welcome to SGDN Code Gallery, you can find many kinds of samples and scripts written by SuperGIS staff or contributed by users for SuperGIS 3 and earlier right here. It will be helpful to help you to resolve the problems you meet while you're developing with any SuperGIS products.

Supergeo Samples illustrates various aspects of developing with each SuperGIS products, such as SuperObjects, SuperGIS Desktop, SuperWebGIS, SuperGIS Network Server, SuperPad and etc. The samples fall into one of two categories: Tips—small code examples, shortcuts designed to help you write better code; Tools—more complex examples, such as how to build a new tool for the SuperGIS or a custom symbol for SuperPad.

Supergeo Scripts hosts samples and scripts written by users like you that cover the full range of SupergeoTek developer technologies, including server class products like SuperWebGIS and SuperGIS Network Server, as well as client class products such as SuperGIS Desktop.
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Sunday, July 21, 2024 (GMT+8)   

New Sample Codes
1.Create animations
2.Draw Tool
3.Design different symbols at different scales
4.Design a dot density map
5.Design a graduate color/symbol map
New Scripts
1.Add Lan to SuperGIS Server
2.Select by Attribute or Location (Feature)
3.Graduated Symbol
4.Unique Value
5.graduated color
Most Popular Scripts
1.SuperGIS Desktop Extension development by using C# (35 downloads)
2.Includes Goolge Map API (28 downloads)
3.point query sample (19 downloads)
4.GPS and Camera Survey Form (16 downloads)
5.circle select (15 downloads)
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