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SuperGIS Server API for JavaScript
Collapse For SuperGIS Server3.3For SuperGIS Server3.3
Attribute Inspector
CSV and KML Layer with Gauge
Define edit behaviors
Edit tool
GeoJSON layer
Query related records
Temporal slider
KML layer
Layer Swipe
WMS layer
WMTS layer
Get the layer list
Add a point
Add a line
Add a polygon
Add a rectangle
Add a circle
Add a multipoint
Add a multiline
Add a multipolygon
Add a image to the map
Label the map
Show map view extent when map moved
Show selected feature info on mouse over
Measure distance and area
Index Map
Print tool
Add a scale bar
Add a leval bar
Full extent / Next / Previous Map
Select by polygon
Highlight features by clicking
mouse over highlight feature
Key world search
Design a unique symbol map
Design a graduate color/symbol map
Design a dot density map
Design different symbols at different scales
Draw Tool
Create animations
Collapse 3D Analysis3D Analysis
Surface Length
Collapse Biodiversity AnalysisBiodiversity Analysis
Biodiversity Analysis
Collapse EditEdit
Attribute Inspector
Define edit behaviors
Edit tool
Query related records
Collapse GraphicsGraphics
Add graphics
Create circles
Draw polygon and show geometry center
Drawing tools
Graphic Layer
Points Edit
Collapse LayersLayers
ArcGIS Online Map
Bing Map
Create multiple graphic layer
CSV and KML Layer with Gauge
Feature layer hover query
GeoJSON layer
Google Map
KML layer
Label layer
Layer Swipe
WMS layer
WMTS layer
Collapse LayoutLayout
Print Map
Collapse MapMap
Add SGS Map
Add Horizontal Slider
Add Slider with its scale definition
Add Slider Without Ticks
All Layers Visible Check Boxes
Classified Color Map
Customize Zooming Speed
Customized Browsing Tools
Full Screen Map
Layers Information
Map Boundary
Map Frame
Map Loading Status
Mouse Cursor XY
Multiple Maps
Opacity Info
Overview Map
Pan Buttons
Pan Motion Control
Part Layer Visible Check Boxes
Reset Map Boundary
Set Map Boundary Using Service Info
Slider Location and Size
Symbol Size Map
Unique Value Map
User Defined Visible Scale
Zoom In Using Shift Key
Collapse Network AnalysisNetwork Analysis
Closest Facilities
Routing with Navigation infos
Service Area
Shortest Path
Superior Path
Collapse QueryQuery
Buffer Graphics(Geo-Process)
Buffer Graphics(Server Side)
Buffer Query
Callout Window
Click Feature and Get Info Window
Click Query on Graphic Layer
Customize info window
Customized info template
Data Grid
Highlight and Show Info
Highlight Selection
Key Word Search
Map Tip for Selected Feature
Map Tip on MouseOver Event
Multiple Features Selectoin
Search and Show Result List
Select By Polygon
Select features using extent
Show selected feature info on mouse hover
Zoom to Selected Feature
Collapse RendererRenderer
Class breaks renderer
Renderer using a function
Scale dependent renderer
Unique value renderer
Collapse Spatial AnalysisSpatial Analysis
Thiessen Polygon
Viewshed Analysis
Collapse Spatial DBSpatial DB
Collapse Spatial StatisticsSpatial Statistics
Kriging Analysis
Collapse UtilitiesUtilities
Add graphics with undo and redo
Area and Perimeter
Attribute table Template
Basic Template
Free Line Measure
Google Chart
Line Measurement
Map Web Site Template
Panel Template
Projection Conversion
Simple Web Template
Temporal slider
Ultra Website Template